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Ice Cream

ice cream sundaes_edited.jpg

Flavors change often! 

Limeade and blue cookie dough available in the shop now.



Lemon limeade- limeade soft serve, topped with lemon curd, lemon bar, fresh whipped cream, and crunchy waffle pieces.

Chocolate chip cookie dough- blue soft serve topped with chocolate sauce, edible cookie dough, chocolate chips, whipped cream, and a M&M cookie cake slice.


$4.50 for 12 ounce

$6.00 for 16 ounce

Raspberry limeade- limeade soft serve, raspberry sauce, 7up, fresh whipped cream.

Macaron Sammies


Limeade soft serve in green shell with sprinkles.

Blue cookie dough with soft serve in chocolate shell.



Soft serve limeade or blue cookie dough.

Warm cookie or brownie


White chocolate macadamia cookie topped with limeade soft serve and fresh whipped cream.

Brownie topped with blue cookie dough soft serve and fresh whipped cream.

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