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All cakes are made just for you. Head over to the contact page to order!

6 inch serves 10-14

8 inch serves 18-22

Double barrel 8 inch serves 26-30*

One week minimum notice required on all cakes.

*Double barrel cakes are two cakes stacked on top of each other and decorated to look like one very tall cake. There are support structures and a cardboard disc between the cakes. Each cake in the double barrel is about four to five inches tall.

-Additional cake fillings available at $5. Options: mixed berry jam, raspberry jam, strawberry jam, champagne custard, vanilla custard, caramel custard, chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache


Standard cake height is six inches. 

Sheet Cakes

Quarter sheet- serves 15-18. Starts at $60 plus tax.

Half sheet- serves 30-36. Starts at $100 plus tax.

Flavor options: raspberry champagne, chocolate salted caramel, almond strawberry, s'mores, chocolate with whipped fudge.

We do not offer edible images.

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