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Bento Boxes
Head over to our contact page to order! One week minimum notice required.

Each box contains six cupcakes and a small buttercream frosted cake.

The cake serves 4-6.

One flavor for cake and cupcakes, $45 plus tax.
One flavor for cake and a second flavor for cupcakes, $48 plus tax.

Add a filling to the cake and cupcakes, $5 per filling flavor.

Cake and cupcake flavors: vanilla, champagne, almond, lemon, red velvet, marble, chocolate, funfetti, and coffee.

Filling options: lemon curd, vanilla custard, champagne custard, mixed berry jam, raspberry jam, strawberry jam, chocolate mousse, or caramel.

Happy Birthday plaque, gold numbers (0-9), or letters (A-Z) can be added for $3 each.

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